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Traditionally, porcelain Chinese ginger jars were originally used to store food supplies like salt, herbs, oil and of course, ginger; while other jars were given as gifts.


Many blue and white ginger jars representative of the Yuan Dynasty (1271 � 1368) come with the Chinese character for double happiness suggesting that they were given as presents for special occasions such as weddings and intended to last for generations. 


Yellow jars could be used as an urn and be inscribed with the Chinese symbol for health and long life. When given as a gift, it was not considered appropriate for the receiver to it give away. The gift was meant to last a lifetime.


The white ginger jar is the traditional Chinese wedding gift.  It can either bear an inscription with the Chinese symbol for happiness, prosperity and fertility or it is emblazoned with a logo of the Dragon & Phoenix on either side, the Dragon representing the groom and the Phoenix representing the bride.


The red colored ginger jar generally has an inscription with the Chinese symbol for happiness and prosperity.  This symbolizes a wish for happiness and prosperity to the recipient.


Since the 19th century, ginger jars have been chiefly used as decorative objects when demand in the West for Chinese antiques spurred the export of these pieces to Europe.  It also led to the manufacture of copycat jars in pottery centers such as Staffordshire.


Today, the jars are a widely used decorating staple.  You can incorporate this classic into your d�cor with our stately ginger jar embroidered cocktail napkins.  They are also the perfect token of happiness and prosperity, so make a gracious hostess or housewarming gift.

Set of 4.


Ginger Jar Cocktail Napkins

SKU: CN01550-006
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Cocktail napkins measure 6 inches square with a 1" hemstitch border and are made of 100% linen and embroidered with poly thread.

    Sizes are approximate.

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