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Originating in China, Foo dogs are actually lions and are called shi, meaning lion or shishi or stone lion. Yet they resemble the Chow and Shih Tzu which led them to be called foo dogs (or fu dogs) in English. Generally displayed in pairs, they are symbolic, protective statues - one is female and one is male. The female represents yin and symbolically protects the people dwelling in the home, while the male represents yang, protects the structure itself. You can tell their gender by examining what's beneath the paws. The male holds a ball, the female holds a puppy. The ball represents the world and the puppy represents nature or a nurturing spirit.


Set of 4.

Foo Lion Cocktail Napkins

SKU: CN01550-011
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Cocktail napkins measure 6 inches square with a 1" hemstitch border and are made of 100% linen and embroidered with poly thread.

    Sizes are approximate.

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