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Capture the Masters spirit and celebrate a golf tradition like no other embroidered tea/kitchen/guest towel.


One each.


Choose from:

- 100% Cotton pique hand towel
- 100% Linen towel or
- 100% Cotton Kitchen towel 

The Masters Spirit Tea / Hand Towel

Excluding Sales Tax
  • - The 100% Cotton pique towels measures 17" x 22" inches with 1" wide end hem and 1/4" wide side hems. This fabric has a slight diamond weave.
    -The 100% linen towels have a 1.25" hemstitched band on front and measure approximately 14"" by 22"" with finished edges.
    - The 100% cotton kitchen towel measures 26.5"" x 20"" and sports a handy hanging loop at one end and finished edges.

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